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Thread: K1200lt Electro hydraulic stand

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    K1200lt SE 2004 Electro hydraulic stand

    Please Help. I've drained and refilled the oil in the actuator. I may have incorrectly assembled the pressure relief valve in the actuator. Should it be insterted into the Actuator chamber spring first, floating piston with dart valve, then the sealing plug and circlip. On bench test the motor runs but the rod does not move.
    I tried assembling with the floating piston with dart valve first, spring and then sealing plug. On bench test the rod retracted but remained pressure locked, after motor shut off. Released manually, unseating pressure relief valve. Rod was then returned by internal spring pressure.
    Appreciate your advise. Ericb
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    Please read:!

    It would help to know what YEAR your K12 is, even though I don't think they made the hydraulic centerstand before '05. Someone might be more likely to look up the answer to your question if they realize it is the same year as their bike. Welcome to the forum! I hope someone will chime in soon with your answer.


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