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Thread: listening to music while riding...Pandora Music channel

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    listening to music while riding...Pandora Music channel

    A while back I asked opinions about stereo systems for my R1100RT. I didn't realy like the choices out there, plus FM left me at the mercy of radio frequncy and range.

    So, last week I'm messing around with the girlfriends I-Phone, (I have the most basic of cell phones...this I Phone thing hurts my hands when I hold it.!) and I notice she has an 'app' for Pandora music, which we use frequently at home through our video/audio system. (TV and stereo). She tells me its free with her 'plan'! Well, a few adapters later, to match the BMW plug to the I Phone 12v charger, and we are plugged in to our Scala Q2 headsets and enjoying stereo music! We have to tolerate a 15 second commercial every 3rd or 4th song, but thats no biggie. As long as we have cell service, (which never seem to be with out) we have stereo music of our choosing!

    Once again, the girlfriend comes through with the answer!
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    PandoraOne is ad free
    If you choose.
    I use it on the road and at home.

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    Pandora was the only reason I stepped up to a smart phone!

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    The ad free subscription to Pandora is only $36 a year.
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