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Thread: BMW Cool Down Vest

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    BMW Cool Down Vest

    I picked one up about a month ago and have used it a few times. I'm using it only along the Gulf Coast so far, so read hot and humid in July/August.

    I think it's better than not using it, but by how much I cannot say. It's NOT dramatic.
    Some observations, acknowledging that I am probably still learning how best to prepare it for a ride. I am soaking it as best i can, then wringing it out and letting it stand a bit before wearing. I have also put it in the freezer for a short time.
    It definitely feels wet when it is on. It doesn't wet my T shirt, but feels like the T shirt is wet. That's acceptable considering I am riding in 90+ heat, but reports I've read said it feels dry, no it doesn't.

    In order to cool you airflow is needed. You have to be going over 30-35 mph for noticeable effect. Others mmv, but with my Cee Bailey screen, that's how fast I need to go.

    Does it lower temps by 5-9 degrees C? Doesn't feel like that. Last weekend I compared how my chest felt with the vest vs how my legs felt with mesh and no cooling attire. My jacket is summer mesh (RevIt). There was a little difference, but it didn't seem 9degrees C (about 15 degrees F).

    It does stay damp a good while, 4+hours, and so far the extra layer has not made me hotter, even when it is nearly dry.

    On balance, it is a worthwhile addition, but in my experience the advertising hype is somewhat overstated. It could be that in dryer climes it could be far more effective, but I have not tried it there.

    Comparing it to soaking your T shirt and or filling your helmet w water, soaking the lining, it's similarly effective, but does last a lot longer.

    It was $100.


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    I almost bought a BMW Cool Down Vest, but by the time i dragged my carcass to the dealer, the only one in my size was gone. I made a leap of faith and can highly recommend looking at the LDComfort line of products. In early July, I rode from St. Louis to Colorado Springs and back wearing their short sleeve mock turtleneck t-shirt and comfort cool sleeves. Crossing Kansas, I saw temperatures as high as 104 degrees and was very comfortable. I'm sold!
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    I purchased a Kool Vest from Silver Eagle at Sedalia last summer. Worked well in the lower humidity areas, but once back in the high humidity Southeast it was less effective.
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    Like Bob (Hi, Bob!) my experience is that cooling vests of any evaporative type work best in lower humidity levels. Because I travel with a dog and need to be attuned to his comfort level I don't use any of the long-duration products. I went the same route as Fasterling. I wet my LD Comfort long-sleeve mock turtleneck (and Barley's neck and chest fur). As long as we're moving we're quite comfy, so far in temps up to 108F, but that requires us to re-wet every 45-60 minutes. If traffic or construction slows us down, we both suffer.

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    Been using a Veskimo for those hot humid place- including a 10 hr ride in temps up to 102 about a week ago.

    It works well but the std Veskmo can't hold enough ice for a long ride so I'm reenginnering the reservoir from their stock 9 qt to one based on a 13 qt Engel cooler...A block in the 13 L should last for a long day ride and it will also hold an entire 10 lb bag of ice whereas their stock 9 qt one holds only about 6 lbs of bag ice.

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