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Thread: Strebel Air Horn

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    I found this wire harness kit (with relay), too.

    Quote Originally Posted by james1300 View Post
    LINK>>> (Old review. However, the folks below still have great prices)

    This is where I ordered mine>>>

    Servce was fast.
    I found this wire harness with relay kit (plug and play) too>>>

    This is the harness (complete with relay) from Riders Warehouse/Aerostich>>>
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    and other horns...

    Anybody looked at the Screaming Banshee? I like the idea of only having to press the horn button on my 1150RT instead of alternating between horn button and high beams during a panic stop.

    "This is the first and only automatic warning system that deploys 130+ decibels and also pulses the high beam headlight for extra impact. This patented system empowers riders (or drivers), with a super loud warning system that integrates with their stock horn. Simply tap the horn button to "beep" (for friendly use) or hold for 0.15 sec to deliver a pulsating blast of the loud Banshee horn and high beam headlight."

    I thought that 0.15 second might be too jumpy for me, but the FAQs sound more flexible:

    "? of a second or ? of a second -- When you press the horn switch briefly, the regular horn works as usual. When you press and hold the horn switch for ? second or more, then the Banshee Horn system kicks in and continues for as long as you hold the horn switch. On the control unit there is a small switch that allows you to make the delay longer if you wish ? then it takes ? second for the Banshee Horn to kick in."
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