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Thread: GM 5.3 pickup motor

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    GM 5.3 pickup motor

    Hope I'm not violating any terms of service or other here. Questions for anyone who has owned or has experience with these engines, please?

    OK, so once in a great while, I drive a four-wheel vehicle. I have a long and mostly agreeable history with GM "small-block" V8s, 350 CI and 5.7l. The current pickup, '99 K2500 is getting a little old and tired, and I'm kinda-sorta looking for something newer. Do not intend to throw down the $$ for new. I spotted a possible candidate pickup, equipped with the 5.3 L V8. I use my pickup to tow a 19 ft aluminum fishing boat, probably 3000 - 4000 lb, and an older 23 ft travel trailer, about 4500 lb.

    So, two questions:

    1. Will the 5.3 handle the load when towing these rigs? (I don't tow for super long distances or at high speeds.)

    2. Is the 5.3 as durable as the 5.7?

    Advice appreciated!

    Regards, Marty
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