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Thread: J&M Schuberth Install - J&M Service

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    J&M Schuberth Install - J&M Service

    Just a quick note to give props to J&M.

    As soon as they came out with the headset installation for the C3, I sent them mine. Pretty routine and reasonable turnaround of a week or so.

    Currently, service is a little backed up.

    Unfortunately, now that they're at their busiest, the mic on my installation decides on a long vacation. I called Monday and spoke with Thomas who told me under the circumstances, they could get it in and out the same day. I sent the helmet overnight - they got it Tuesday morning. I called as soon as I saw they got it and spoke with Andrew. He said they already were on it and to call back around noon for an update. I did so and Andrew told me they found the mic had broken wires in it. They returned it at no charge and according to FedEx tracking - I'll have it today. It's important to note that J&M warranties their stuff for 2 years. I was certainly out of warranty. They didn't seem to have any interest in when the original install was - just that it was their product and it crapped out. I leave town in the morning so it's all good.

    J&M service has had some hits lately and I just wanted to point out that my experience was nothing short of perfect on J&M's part.

    I'm a very satisfied customer.
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    J&M has always been good to me. They have replaced many parts free of charge with no questions ask.
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