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Thread: What third party screen for the LC?

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    What third party screen for the LC?

    Of course, I feel the need to improve protection on my LC, but I want to chose wisely. Anybody has fitted a third party screen on their LC? What would you recommend? Givi? ZTechnik? Touratech? Wunderlich? Calsci? CeeBailey? Etc... There are so many out there. I am 1 m.70 (5'7") tall and I ride with the low seat in low position.

    Thank you.

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    Third party screen for LC

    I got a CalSci screen, put it on last week (20 minutes using the one torx wrench that came with the screen) and find it o be a big improvement for both me and my passenger (I'm 6'1"). It also came with a headlight guard that was not as good quality (ripples in the plastic).

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    Found this one on ebay and love it!!

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    Cee Bailey Screen

    I just did a 4700 mile ride to Colorado and Utah from the midwest. The Cee Bailey GS screen provides much better weather protection than stock and little buffeting at highway speeds. I recommend it.

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