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Thread: When camping on the road, what do you eat?

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    When camping on the road, what do you eat?

    On a recent long distance road trip through several Western states, the discussion often came up, "What's for supper?" Eating out is expensive and sometimes not always healthy for you. I can only eat so many cheesebutgers before I never want to see one again. So again the question is, "What's for supper?" Do you pack some groceries, or pack canned foods (such soup, pasta or stews) or "insta-meals" that you micrwave at a motel? Or freeze dried foods? Do you look for recipes that would be conducive to camping? Are there techniques or strategies, or brands you regularly use while on the road? What about breakfast? Okay enough questions, let me know your road food strategy.

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    SPAM on a stick.

    Beef jerky and shelled sunflower seeds.

    Sometimes backpacker meals.

    Granola bars.

    Ground coffee in the Jetboil french press with powdered creamer and stevia sweetener. Or PG Tips tea.

    new addition to the pack: box wine, without the box.

    Otherwise, water to drink.

    (or vodka with beer chasers, if there's ice.)


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    In theory

    it's not too difficult to stop and buy food for supper, and cook it at camp.
    I've done that often, and been perfectly happy doing so, but maybe the choices are limited to a certain degree. Never gotten into backpacker meals but hey- why not? Perfectly good technology there, tried & true.

    In general, I like to tote some stuff along for meals along the way. Things like canned tuna or other canned "meats", dried meats, like salami or similar, dried fruits & nuts, even cheeses, and rolls, bagels, or breads will last for days without refrigeration. Granola, or other cereals, and granola bars or energy/protein bars, are also good to go. If you have something (like cheese?) that may need to be kept cooler, you can always wrap it up and stuff it deep into a saddle bag- even keep it in a sleeping bag (down, for example, keeps things hot AND cool) to keep it at a more steady temperature range and protect it from extreme heat. If you're traveling thru any kind of farm country in any kind of growing season, it's easy to pick up a few veggies along the way, also which need no refrigeration, in the short term- and maybe no cooking depending on what you wind up with...
    I personally tend to eat more the type of things listed above for morning and afternoon meals, and try to cook something at night, in camp.

    "Road food" need not be "fast food" products.
    BUT- anything truly worthwhile is going to require some dedicated attention IE: TIME.
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    When I camp, I like to use some of the $ I save by camping and spend it on restaurant meals. No need to eat unhealthy or cheeseburgers all the time. Even a small mom & pop place will have reasonably priced healthy items on the menu, in my experience. A big salad with grilled beef or chicken on it comes to mind.
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    Truckstops and mom & pops have good healthy food. I don't deprive myself a good meal. a salad bar is always a good choice.
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    What is healthy?
    What do you normally eat?
    What do you want to eat on the road?

    My thoughts on healthy are everything in balance and moderation including balance and moderation.

    There are some things I eat regularly and miss on the road. Over the years it is a balance between giving them up and experimenting to find ways to bring them along.

    I enjoy exploring local foods in various forms when on an extended trip so eating out is often part of the plan. Buying local at farmer stands and markets is often part of the plan.

    For me, good cooking on the road comes as the result of experimenting and practice at home. Like a recipe, figure out how to make it portable. In the off season I will use my travel cooking kit to cook a meal at home to try out new tools and how to make a meal idea with them.

    Spices - Bag wine and a good selection of spices can make a survival on the road meal fine dining
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    Quote Originally Posted by EMOTO View Post
    When I camp, I like to use some of the $ I save by camping and spend it on restaurant meals. No need to eat unhealthy or cheeseburgers all the time. Even a small mom & pop place will have reasonably priced healthy items on the menu, in my experience. A big salad with grilled beef or chicken on it comes to mind.
    I'm with you. As a "professional traveler" I know that unhealthy eating at restaurants is your choice of place, and choice of food.

    I also backpack, and I eat a lot of "Mountain House" meals. They are good, not cheap, but certainly easy. The advantage to me is that all you have to do is boil water. No seasoning, oil, or cleanup needed. For backpacking they are great but I'd eat better on a motorcycle trip.
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    We either eat nice meals at restaurants or nice meals t the campground.

    As others have said, it's not hard to pick up a bag of salad, a steak, some fruit for dinner and have a great meal at the camp.

    If we're not very hungry, salad and soup with some cheese and fruit afterwards, doesn't get much better...........Rod.
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