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Thread: '04 R1150RT Headlight Assembly Help Needed

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    '04 R1150RT Headlight Assembly Help Needed

    Like a dummy, I took all the fairings and body parts off of my RT and now, I can't remember if the headlight assembly had a wing nut or something similar holding it in place on the frame. There is a treaded piece on the back of the headlight assembly which goes into a rubber grommet with metal washer like piece on it that is attached to the metal frame. (see pics) I need help getting Humpty Dumpty back together again!

    headlight assembly 1.jpgheadlight assembly 3.jpg

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    You might try looking at a parts diagram e.g. Realoem or Max BMW.
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    Whatever it is, my '02 has been doing just fine without them.
    I don't think I could find them with a sewer snake if they were installed

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    My '04 doesn't have any nuts on those either.
    I have mine apart right now too and I had some ducting left over that I couldn't find where it went. Your first pic showed me. Thanks!
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    Thanks for your help! I'll be putting Humpty Dumpty back together again soon! Without the nuts, might I add...

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