Last weekend I went for a ride outside of Las Vegas on my K1200R. The fuel gauge indicated 1/2 tank when I left in the morning, which would normally be more than enough for my 50 mile round trip ride up to Mt. Charleston and back. Imagine my surprise when on the way back down, about 20 miles from the nearest gas station, the tank ran dry and I coasted to the side of the road without a drop left! Although not officially diagnosed, I have to assume that the fuel sensor strip has detached from the inside of the tank and is laying flat at the bottom submerged in the fuel of an empty tank.

I prepared for a long walk back to the nearest lodge and a phone call for an expensive cab ride back to Las Vegas to relay fuel back to my bike, but had walked no farther that 300 yards when a gentleman pulled up and asked if I was riding the "yellow bike" and needed some help. I said yes and he ended up taking me back to town where I picked up a gas can, then to a gas station, and then back to my bike high up on the mountain!!! (probably 40 miles+) I even volunteered to top off his tank (BMW Z4) for saving me the hassle, which he refused saying "I was just on a Sunday drive anyways."

So, all said, this friendly fellow saved me a couple hours of my day, probably $50 in cab fares, and a considerable amount of stress.

So - Big shout out to Jim Scoggins - lifetime member of BMW MOA and the proud rider of a BMW K1200LT. Thanks from a fellow rider, not only of a BMW, but any two wheeled mode of transport.