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Thread: bikini fairing for 1985 R80

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    bikini fairing for 1985 R80

    Would love to convert R80 to cafe style with bikini fairing (a la R90s). Can it be done? Assuming so, where can parts be located?

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    S fairing kit

    Hi, try ,,THEY DO A COUPLE OF KITS IF YOUR R80 HAS NO FAIRING AND THE HEAD LIGHT EARS, IT,S AROUND 200 pounds sterling,I belive they are the cheapest way to go, others are Boxercafe,Iam sure others will have other ideas,hope this assists, Jimmy
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    Check the fairing section in the Resources and Links link in my signature line. There are few there that have the cafe style of fairings to offer.
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    In general, there are two ways to approach this:

    1. use an original R90S/R100S fairing. These are very expensive, even used, and you need a plethora of additional parts.
    2. use an aftermarket bikini fairing. They are as chaep as $59 (Emgo, Viper) and can be mounted with a simple bracket on the headlight ears (included)

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    here is the Boxercafe bikini fairing on a 91 has adjustable brackets that easily attach to the headlight mounting bolts..minimal approach and inexpensive...not as cool as the R90 S fairing, but easy to obtain and adapt...
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