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Thread: Driveshaft failure 2007 R1200GSA

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    I can certainly see how a worn bearing starting to rumble could be undetected when riding on a gravel road say in Alaska.
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    Quote Originally Posted by racer7 View Post
    I haven't yet had the fun of a shaft failure on a bike but have had a couple go in cages. In a cage one gets a decent warning unless one is an oblivious driver.

    I'd expect to get a reasonable warning from a bike shaft in most cases- though it might get masked in off road riding. I don't need a tpms to tell me when my bike or cage tires are getting low.
    Not necessarily so. Voni's R1100RS had a driveshaft failure while she was riding a good paved road in Arkansas. I had ridden the bike that same morning and detected no sign of any issue. When I got it home and tore it down it was obvious that the U joint had been bad for a while. A couple of the ends on the cross trunion looked like they had been in a pencil sharpener, and the roller bearings were ground to dust.

    This failure was at just over 200K miles. I have heard of a few just over 100K miles, so advise careful inspection of the driveshaft periodically because I don't believe you can depend on warning signs on these driveshafts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by martyhill View Post
    As dangerous as it sounds, does anyone have personal knowledge of an injury resulting from the driveshaft breaking? The few I've heard of all ended the same way as this one. A ruined trip but no injury.
    Yes. Lyle Grimes had a driveshaft break which locked up the rear wheel at speed. It also broke the swingarm on his bike. He crashed. The bike was seriously hurt. He had injuries but not life threatening ones.
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    "The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution." - Bertrand Russell

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    I've been contacted twice by BMW regarding my letter and was told it was moving up the ladder (hope this means something) -- the people who contacted me weren't motorcycle riders and I'm not sure they fully understood what I was saying -- will post again when and if I hear from BMW again --

    Ed, glad you caught your drive shaft in time!!

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    This one happened in the parking lot of the dealer. Bike was in for its 600 mile check. BMW initially made noise about it being rider abuse, but backed down pretty quickly. Ended up fixing the bike for fre and providing a loaner (new F800GS) to the owner so he could make a trip he had planned.
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    My 05 gs is waiting for a driveshaft right now.Same as what Paul said.Pulled up to a stop sign and felt a shudder as i stopped,started checking things,which led to u-joint then rear brake pads,then discovered cracks in the rear flange and my disc is .025 under min thickness.Glad i found these things in the garage and not at speed on the road.Ed
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