Waiting for description of failed part! The needles come unglued? Or does the shaft actually break around u joints. I would like to inspect mine and will indeed. GSA with 108000m now. Driveshaft failure question; I've seen so many I cannot count on larger vehicles all my life! Shaft failures are a common event on big rigs and older autos, so I would guess a weak link on any vehicle including bikes. Sure don't hear about it on many bikes, but its present. Me too, a wrench all my life, so this is good you noticed the failure as the wrench you are. Many are not and get hurt badly, most probable. I am not going to complain about anybody steaming off, because I do too. I think I have seen this BMW and NTSA story so many times with no result, so therefore the story goes. Just once I would like to hear somebody wins this argument with either, gets somewhere with all this. Thanks for the data sharing and keep the details coming about just what part of shaft is failing and how to repair it on the ROAD. Guess you did your own repair in Whitehorse. I've been told the shaft pops right out, if ya know how. Tools are easy to get.