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    Here's one for you....If you like to ride off road, it's some crazy ride up a mountain in Austria-

    The mission was clear: In order to satisfy the endure scene's hunger for variety, Erzbergrodeo had to be the toughest Enduro competition known to mankind. A delicous mixture of endless steep slopes and breathtaking downhill passages, horizonless gravel deserts and almost impenetrable woods. "Fairytale Forest", "Bathtub", "Rolling Stones" " these harmless "pet names" symbolise overheated engines, weeping riders and separate the boys from the man, once and for all. Year after year, only a chosen few cross the finishing line within 4 hours. Tired and worn out, but knowing that they have achieved something incredible, that they are amongst the best in the world from this day on. The organisers are satisfied.

    Whenever there is talk of the Red Bull Hare Scramble at the regular?s table, even grown up men become timid and wide-eyed. Those in the know nod affirmatively, the ignorants soak in stories of untold drudgery. When in 1996 Karl Katoch, founder of the motorsport assocociation ASK? (MSA) "invented" the Iron Road Prologue, a high speed race to the summit of the mountain, even more attention was drawn to the Styrian Erzberg and even more riders were eager to take up the challenge.

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