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I really DO NOT understand the need to diminish other folks' advice, knowledge and recommendations; but each to their own needs.

Yes, it is understood quite well about the learning capabilities of various types of individuals and the various styles of completing various
"hands on" tasks. There are MANY ways to skin that particular cat. Next year will be the 40th year of the /6 750 and above engines that are equiped with carbs that have the capability of using vacuum guage equipment to adjust and synchronize. The method that YOU insist that all MUST use is a valid and real method that has been used on small engines of all types, cylinder configuration/number, and level of displacement. It is valid and real. All that I am trying to point out is that there are MANY ways to accomplish a task and NONE is wrong........

No one is suggesting to bring in some kind of device to move air over the engine that is in a decible range that will drown out what the engine is doing. Here on our farm we have several "fans" that are in the 3' to 4' range that move LOTS of air. There is no way that they "drown" out the subtle sounds that are required to adjust the idle and sync by feel, touch, sight, and sound. WHAT is important is the need to keep that engine cool while one "learns" the various methods required to tune carbs or engines. Again, there is NO right nor wrong about this "tuning" business. It's just what works best for YOU, the situation, and machine...........God bless..........Dennis
To quote Ronald Reagan, "There you go again!"