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Thread: new airhead owner, 73 R60/5

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    new airhead owner, 73 R60/5

    Hi guys, I recently acquired a 73 R60/5. It was my grandfathers and he left it to me when he passed away recently. I am very excited to get it cleaned up and back on the road so I can enjoy it the way he did when it was new. It runs well, he maintained it fairly well and rode it this spring. He was the only owner and put 135,000 miles on it since Jan of 74.

    Here is the photobucket album, Ill be putting up pics as I go along and I look forward to contributing and learning from the guys here!

    Here is a pic of the tank after I buffed a little bit out of it,

    and here it is the way I picked it up:

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    Nate -

    Nice bike and nice work you've done so far. It's good that you're carrying on the tradition of the bike!! If/when you have questions, visit the Airhead forum for some "local experts"...and maybe some usable answers!
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    Welcome Nate! Nice piece of family history you have!

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    Thanks guys!

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