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You're pretty funny - for a guy from Manitoba.
Funny, except I grew up in Maple Ridge..................Albeit, I was born in Alberta. Then again, if you don't have a sense of humor living on the prairies, you could turn into one of those Salt Spring Island people pretty quick.

So I tried screwing with the little weight inside the bell and quickly determined that it was the same as trying to find penguins in the Arctic. Next came the springy doo dad and realized that any tool I own is way too big for that little arm.

I had an old cable with a square end on it. I might be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to keeping crap in my shop. I did a major clean up once and when I was putting stuff in my truck, I realized I had good stuff. I did get almost two bucks at scrap metal. Now, where did I put that bracket for the clutch on a Fargo truck?

Sorry, "squirrel"............Oh yeah, my story...........I took the square drive and chucked it up and spun the speedo. Full speed and I made a little paint mark and figured I would just adjust it back a little. I had it figured out and I was feeling a bit like the "rain man" and found myself saying, "K-Mart sucks" repeatedly. It sort of was a very nice feeling to realize that the best solution is the simplest. I proceeded to try to pull off the needle. I tried again. At this point my neighbor came over to complain that I hadn't painted our mutual fence as I had promised. I asked him to pull the needle off as he is a bit younger and his hands don't look like old mechanic's hands.

Well, they can't build computers and love their new Prince a bit too much if you ask me but damn, they can press a little needle onto a bitty shaft.

My other neighbor hears some pretty harsh, ear bleeding words between the two us and volunteers that he is an Avionics guy. Quick Google to find out what Avionics meant and he's my new best friend almost. "No Problem" he says. "What is this?" he asks. I explain the story and let him read this string. He quickly pointed out that it is inherently a poor design and not very accurate. He tried pulling the needle off.................

Now, he is coming back with a pitot tube and air speed indicator for me to install on my buddies bike. I am going to end my comments by saying I need to go now and Google "pitot tube".

You're never too old to learn something stupid.