I'm riding my 98 R1100RT with CeeBaileys' #2 3 inch taller windshield. So the girlfriend and I are riding home the other day and it was pouring down rain, (later heard it was about 2-3'' in an hours time) and we were riding 60 mph on the 4 lane highway with little to no traffic. Wind was calm, it was just rain, not a 'storm'.

The observation was this; the rain drops that struck the windshield did not have a tendency to blow off of the shield unless I lowered the shield to its lowest point, at which time they would slowly roll to the top of the shield and promptly blow on to my face shield and then blow away from my face shield. If the windshield was raised to say half way up, and creating a quiet pocket of air for me and the girlfriend, the water drops would remain stationary on the shield! I would still be looking over, not through, the shield at this point.

The bikes aerodynamics as a whole kept us both dry, with all water being pushed up, over, or around us we travelled. I was very pleased with that and with the bike as a whole. Our ride was for at least an hour in the down pour.

The windshield thing has me puzzled.

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