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Thread: Sorry, there are no new posts to view

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    Sorry, there are no new posts to view

    Sorry, there are no new posts to view. How often are new posts actually posted for viewing? I can't believe that from 8:30 pm until 6:30 am there have been no posts to the Forum. I get this message surprisingly often.

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    I'm no vBulletin expert but let me make an attempt.
    Are you blocking any traffic from the site? Cookies for example?
    Do you log off the website ? And when you close your browser are you deleting old temporary internet files and/or cookies? (Because I do not know what OS you are running, I cannot say specifically what directory as MS bounced things around a bit from XP as opposed to 7 and 8.)
    Deleting the temporary internet files minimally will improve your overall browser performance, especially if you have not done that in a while.

    OK, my $.02 let the beatings begin.

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    In Walter's other thread, he says that he's having to login each time he visits. Which might be just as you suggest, that his cookies are being wiped and thus no new posts.
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    Probably the right direction. Walter, if you are on a computer that you don't specifically have to log off of- just leave it and see if there is a change when you return. Another check would be to "get on" the forum as you normally do, check a few things and when you are done- only use your browsers "back" button to get back to where you have started.
    Chances are both of these methods will result in a different forum viewing experience.
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    When my forum tells me no new posts to view I just hit "New Posts" again and it updates.

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