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Thread: Small Group Ride Ecuador/Chile?

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    Small Group Ride Ecuador/Chile?

    I have been thinking of finding a small group of riders who may be interested in a guided small group tour through Ecuador/Chile in 2014. I ride about 5000 miles a year in the USA northeast on a K100RS/R90S. Does anyone know of a well regarded tour guide/business whom I could contact? Any reasonable suggestion would be welcome.

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    I have been considering : doing business as Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental. The owner responds to Ecuador inquiries on ADV & is well spoken,etc. . Rentals seem to cross borders between Colombia & Ecuador not so sure about others but MC rental/ tour operators are usually focused on "that country" where they live & have their business-these are big countries we are talking about! Chile is another guy that does tours. Experienced SA riders seem to lean toward Colombia as the premier SA destination with Ecuador,Peru(that's another guy too) & Chile thrown into the mix.
    My personal interest is an unguided MC rental & self tour in either Colombia or Ecuador.Chile & Peru are my 2nd/3rd choices for now & I lean toward GT this winter in a direct ride, no flight or rental involved.
    Colombia in particular is larger than Texas so not worth trying for two countries in one several week trip-perhaps same can apply to Ecuador/Chile? I will only go during KY winter.
    FWIW,ADV(Regional & Trip Planning-I'd start there) & HU are far more likely to get you lots of action on your query. PM me if you get something going but I'm not one(never done a "tour" yet where someone else plans it or leads it) to pay extra for what I consider part of the fun(planning & choosing) & I like self travel or a "two's a crowd" ( maybe three riders @ most) size group.
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