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Thread: A liner for the radio on an R1100rt?

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    A liner for the radio on an R1100rt?

    Hi folks,

    My 97 r1100rt has a radio that frankly, is a waste of space. I can't hear it with my helmet on, and I'd just as soon take it off the bike and get the storage, or wire it so that I can have my Ipod there and bluetooth into my helmet.

    Does anyone make a liner to put in that space if I take the radio out? I've not taken it out, so I don't know what is behind there. Is it basically a sealed space anyway, so no liner is needed? Thanks for the replies.

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    If the radio is not installed, the left fairing pcket is just a storage unit. I am not sure, if the pocket is there, when you take the radio out. Here is one on ebay

    There are actually quite a few on there. search for RT glove box.

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