So it's time for new tires on the old BMW.
I call around for prices at the usual places. Get one quote for $450.00 for PR 2's all mounted up. I ask what that breaks down to.
Don't remember exact tire prices (because of the shock coming) but like 120 for the front and 145 for the rear.
Mount, $45.00 for the front and $62.00 for the rear. EEK!

I ask them, how can the rear be $62.00 and more than the front? It's a single sided swingarm with four bolts holding the wheel on. I get "Well that's what the book shows"

I hate flat rate books for labor charges. I'm no pro, but I have never seen a flat rate charge that "I" couldn't do better on the time on. Aren't pros supposed to be better.

If I had any room at all I would have my own tire changer. Over $100.00 in labor to change tires is ridiculous.

Thanks for listening. I feel better now