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Thread: Microsoft Streets & Trips settings

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    Microsoft Streets & Trips settings

    One of the things that really annoys me about Streets & Trips is that it keeps resetting the Route start/stop times to 8am/5pm, instead of leaving them at 8am/8am (no end of day layover). It also never remembers my expected gas mileage, or any of the other settings, and there seemed to be no way to save these Options (very un-Microsoft‘«™they usually get this right.)

    Anyway, I got frustrated and resorted to reading the Help file, which turned out to be useful (also very un-Microsoft, LOL).

    I followed the instructions for creating a New Template, and then I used it to replace the existing Default template.

    Here‘«÷s what do to: Create a new map, change all the settings to be the way you want, create a new Route and set your house as the start point. You can also adjust the screen window sizes if you want to save those settings also. Then Save As and choose file type of Map Template. Save this anywhere you want if you intend to load it manually every time, OR save it as /Program files/Microsoft Streets & Trips/Templates/New North American Map.stt if you want it to be the default settings.

    (don‘«÷t worry about overwriting the ‘«£master‘«ō default file‘«™it‘«÷s easy to restore...just delete it and S&T will create a brand new one the next time you use the program)

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    Great tip! That same "feature" has always annoyed me too.
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    Outstanding!!! Thanks for reading the instructions for the rest of us!!!

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