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Thread: Exhaust interchangeability

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    Exhaust interchangeability

    My exhaust on my r1100rt just rusted through at the end. I was wondering if one from an r1150rt will fit and also what other models might fit. I don't see many clean used ones for an older oilhead. Oilheads are new to me, I've ridden and worked on airheads for years. Thanks for any help on the subject.

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    A check on Realoem shows that the R1150RT and R1100RT mufflers are not the same part number. The R1100RS is the same part number as the R1100RT.
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    The cracked end tube failure on the RS/RT muffler is very common on the early Oilheads. Mine did it too. But the RS and RT CAT/muffler are in fact the same, same mounting. The muffler for the R1150RS/RT, though a different part number, "may" also fit. That would take some more research.

    At first, I had a local welder TIG weld the cracked muffler end back together, right on the bike. So that is an option with no ill effect on the bike. Later, I got another salvage RS muffler, also cracked at the back end. I cut the can off right at the big elbow, designed my own inner baffles, and had that all TIG welded back together. Been on the bike running great now since 07.

    I'm working on another design for my RS right now, using the stock muffler can that I cut off at the elbow.
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    Voni has had two R1100 mufflers corrode through the inner tube near the back of the muffler. I went to an auto parts store and bought a short piece of exhaust pipe adaptor that was a snug fit when tapped into the muffler rear opening. I slathered a bit of JB weld around the OD of the tube before I tapped/drove it into place.

    After I did the first one (we still have it) I bought a low mileage take-off exhaust from the flea market and eventually put it on. I corroded earlier this year so I did the pipe treatment to the second one too.
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    They are pretty common to find on Fleabay at pretty reasonable prices.

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    I have not tried to interchange the 1100RT and 1150RT exhausts but I've handled a lot of them and they sure seem the same to me. It's possible that the only difference is in the mounting tabs in front of the cat (which is a non-issue).

    You might try calling Mike at Beemer Boneyard; he might have tried the swap.
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    Way to go Paul! A CAB after my own heart.

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    I'm just guessing Andy but PaulG probably did the pipe/JB weld fix on the road as a temp fix and got a decent used muffler later when they got home.

    That's just being practical, not cheap.
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    thanks for the help

    thanks for the help. I did put a piece of steel into the end and screwed it in for a temporary fix. I'll also try beemer boneyard. there are more 1150 exhausts around on ebay, perhaps if i can find one cheap enough, ill give it a test

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    I think the most interesting thing in this thread is Voni riding enough to use up a pair of those mufflers on hers. Way to go.....

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