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    Can't decide which shield is best for me. I have measured, and think a 19" height is good. California scientific offers one. V-stream tall is another at 19". The aero flow is 18". Any insight, advice. R1150RT

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    It is hard to tell you what a good windshield would be for you as we don't know what you are looking for in a windshield. Some prefer to look over the shield when riding, others like to look through it. Some want some air getting to the face, while others are bothered by it. Your height (and seat height) will influence your decision. Too many variables... Best advice I can give would be to purchase used and try one or another and sell if they don't work out.

    Good luck.

    PS. I have two shields that I use, a tall one for the cooler seasons and a shorter one for the hotter periods of the year.

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    I'm in complete agreement with the previous post. That being said, I put a V-Stream on my R1150RT and it made an enormous positive difference. On the strength of that experience, I bought a V-Stream for my R1200RT and was unimpressed. I guess you pay your money and you take your chances. You can always put it up for sale in the Flea Market.
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    when I had my R1100RT I bought a +2" Cee Baily for it. it was an improvment, but not great. Then I purchased a +6" Cee Baily w/ the Euro top curve. It was the best shield I've ever owned. I'm 6" 1" and like to look over a shield. but if caught in the rain, I could raise it for more protection.
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    6"1" with a 2004 RT and have CeeBailey's with Euro cut and four inches over stock. Works great in the down position gives me a nice flow of air when it is hot, raise it one inch and puts me and my passenger in a very nice calm air zone.

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