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Thread: Anyone have experience with Metzler Karoo 3 tires?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DPenfield1 View Post
    I estimate the Karoos will get you 3X plus what a TKC will.
    TKC-70 or TKC-80?

    3X sounds about right for the TKC-80. Haven't yet read of any mileage numbers for the TKC-70.

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    Got about 4.6K miles on my Karoo 3s. Love 'em. Use them on an 2013 F800GS. Rear wearing really good, still have plenty miles on it. Front looks like it's barely worn. Good traction on wet pavement and gravel/dirt. Do start to "sing" at higher speeds. For me that's not an issue. Only thing I've noticed is when hard cornering on pavement you get a bit of a "falling" feeling for an instant until the side tread grips. Once you get used to it, it's no problem. When it's time to replace them, I will go with them again. And, I will heartily recommend them.
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