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Thread: R1100 exhaust header removal suggestions/help?

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    Question R1100 exhaust header removal suggestions/help?

    I need to remove the exhaust header on a R1100R to replace the O2 sensor. Any 'Tricks' I should use/know?
    I plan to replace the exhaust gaskets and (6) exhaust nuts with new. Any problems with removing the nuts?
    They have been on there a long time.
    I plan on using a (6) point socket.

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    I think Paul Glaves wrote an article about this very thing some time back. Do you have access to past issues?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2bikemike View Post
    I think Paul Glaves wrote an article about this very thing some time back. Do you have access to past issues?
    No. Which issue was it?

    PM sent to Glaves.

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    Why do you need the exhaust header off to get to the O2 sensor? The sensor is on the muffler. At least it is on my R1150RT and the parts diagram for an R1100R shows it is also.
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    On my 97 1100RT, it was not necessary to pull the pipes to swap the sensor. It was a bit inconvenient, mostly due to trying to get the old wires out and the new in.

    If you have a leaky exhaust gasket or a busted header stud or nut, that's a different story.

    If your clamp & nut at the header/catalyst junction is corroded, you may need a nutcracker to get that off. Try it with penetrating oil mix first; if it's really stuck, the bolt can break (but that's OK). Or just pull the entire assembly as one unit.

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    This is a 1995 R1100R

    This is a 1995 R1100R. Yup your right. The O2 sensor IS in the muffler.

    p.s. I really 'lucked out'! I was able to swap 02 sensores without removing the muffler from the bike.
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