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    What happened to the "Lifetime" membership option?

    Why was it discontinued ?

    Don #5329

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    Moving this to Online Central.

    There was some discussion about this last year:

    Also, there's something in the middle of this page:

    The reason was stated as:

    "Reason for Lifetime membership extinction: Our greatest concern is the cost of expanding benefits
    with the associated cost of providing benefits per member. Our web cost is significant to the
    organization. We are planning on moving into different markets, and there are related costs
    associated with new riders. Current non-life members would carry the cost for life members. Right
    now LTM are not a large percentage of membership; therefore we chose to discontinue the lifetime
    memberships now."
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    Quote Originally Posted by donmystic1 View Post
    What happened to the "Lifetime" membership option?

    Why was it discontinued ?

    Don #5329
    I first joined as a 1 year member. It cost $20 Canadian, my second year I joined as a life member for $250 under the recommendation of a friend. This was in 1988, I stopped riding in 2000 but kept getting the magazine. 12 years later I bought my scooter because of the magazine. I saw it in the magazine last summer, test rode it in August and bought it over the phone a few days later.

    If not for the magazine I may never had heard of the Scooter. What a deal
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