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Thread: Rally 5K Run: Oldest & Youngest Runners (HELP needed)

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    Rally 5K Run: Oldest & Youngest Runners (HELP needed)

    We hit the road running on Saturday morning for the 5K event and had a lot of fun. Great people and awesome support for my 8-year-old son, Jack who was cheered on by all during the BMX final leg...
    We took pics (attached) and promised to forward the one of oldest/youngest runner to JIM (age 68). If anyone can help me locate JIM #588, I would be most grateful. My cell phone crashed on the way home and we lost Jim's email address and contact info.


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    Aw man, now I'm sorry I missed it! I read it as an 8K & decided I didn't have 5 miles in me... But if it was a 5K, would have given it a shot. I do have 3 in me! Plus, it looks like all of you had fun!


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