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Thanks Randy and David I will keep your information in mind, one friend told me about a route that sounded interesting that route was leaving Frisco in the morning taking 91 to 24 south to Buena Vista then getting on Cottonwood pass to Taylor Reservoir then 742 he also said there was a little store there that everybody stops and has lunch at following that to 135 south to Ohio Creek Road up Kebler Pass back to Crested Butte where we would spend the night the trip back to Frisco the following day is still in the planning stages
Cottonwood is a nice route. Paved on the east approach , still hard pack dirt on the west descent, with some damn fine views of the Presidential Range .
Running along the Taylor River is really sweet. Crusty Butt is a real cool Colorado mntn town, nice place to grab some grub and just chill a bit. Kebler is an easy dirt pass to ride, with what is purported to be the largest stand of Aspen in the world . The western end of it the gravel gets a bit thick, but not unreasonable . It can, however, be a bit tough to find the road out of CB to get to it... it's not marked, nor is it obvious. If you do the run from the south up over Ohio, you will miss the majority of Kebler, but also the confusion of trying to locate it from CB.