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Thread: How far would you go

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    How far would you go

    Today I filled up with fuel.
    The fuel light came on at 306km (190 miles) and when I filled up 372km (231 miles).
    This leaves 66km (41 miles) while fuel light was on

    The usable fuel in tank as the manual states is 16 litres (3 of which are reserve)
    I put in 15.81 litres
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    I never trust the idiot lights.

    put a 1 gallon fuel can in the trunk and run it out of fuel.
    Write down mileage when the fuel light comes on and when you run out.
    That way you know for certain.
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    Hate it when the fuel low warning comes on and you remember passing the sign that says next service XX miles
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    FYI fuel pump is located in the tank, and uses fuel to cool it. BMW does not recommend running fuel level down to zero miles on a regular bases
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    I think I had my longest tank yet, it was only a few miles away from 200 miles, the odometer started the "trip A" display/low fuel light maybe 20 miles before i made it back to town to refuel.
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