Keeping in the tradition of the forum, I got a gripe about the recent National. Before I get into that, let me congratulate the host, organizers, volunteers and mother nature.

The weather was extraordinary, Highs in the upper 80's and sleep able at night.

The volunteers (including me) were helpful and friendly. There is a commercial rally up the road this weekend and cost 3x as much. These things can't go off w/o volunteers. It's fun work. Do a shift or 2 at the next, you will enjoy yourself.

The site was utilized very well. Perhaps another open gate would have been nice, but it all worked out.

The facilities were fine. I drove my motorhome (house) there, so I can't comment on showers.

My petty gripe is about water at the beer tent. $1.50 for a 9oz. bottle. Really?

That's all I got.

See y'all in Minne