2yrs ago had a 02 RT was heading up to Maine on it, got almost their & started acting up turned around & got home & found out exhaust valve burned out. On Friday me & the wife started out to Mobile, Al on my 04 Rt with 45k miles on it got about 60miles in & started to act up, turned around got car & went down, got back yesterday, just started to figure out the problem & checked compression on bike & no compression on left side. Don't know if it is a another burned out valve or something else. I just replaced the clutch about 3k ago, made sure that I put the factory paint marks opposite of each other on the clutch cover plate. I have noticed a real light vibration since replacing the clutch, don't know if it has always been their just never payed attention to it before & if that would have anything to do with it. Never have pulled the head of before, don't look real hard, not sure if I will take it some where or try myself. Was wondering if their are any links or videos on doing that. Real like the Rt's but have had nothing but problems with them, the 02RT exhaust valve & FD went out, the 04RT slave cyl leaked on clutch disc replaced it & now no compression. I guess worse things could happen to guy then this. If anybody has any thought or idea's or know of any links or video's I would be thankful for any of it. Thanks Josh