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Those of you who might have had a skin biopsy have a small inkling of what she feels- your tiny biopsy scar burns ever time it sees a bit of sunlight but its likely in a place where your body doesn't have max sensitivity so you can live with it.
I just had a biopsy done an hour ago. I probably have another basal cell skin cancer: they'll let me know in a week. I rode the bike up to the dermatologist's office. It's a beautiful day here and why not ride there? So I did. Of the other bikers I saw, I was the only one ATGATT. I also wore my hi-viz vest. More than one rider had on a tee shirt and jeans, and not even any gloves. I stand out as one of a very small minority who wear ATGATT for any trip out of town. Of course, you also have riders in fake helmets, even though DOT-approved helmets are required in New York.

I just don't feel all that lucky. I know how dumb many drivers are...