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Thread: '03 K1200RS panel light 1.7 or 3 W?

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    '03 K1200RS panel light 1.7 or 3 W?

    I've got the panel pulled out to swap out a blown lamp and... there are 15 3W lamps and one 1.7W lamp. Does anyone know where that one 1.7W lamp is on the panel? The drawing for this group isn't very clear on this.
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    I have just used 74 bulbs in a pinch from the local auto store.

    But since then, I have purchased the brightest LED's (correct color) from SuperBright and now got over 36K on them. I do drive my KRS alot in the dark hours and love the LED illumination factor on the backlight and indicator lamps, both in the dark and bright sunlight.,74,21,203:
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