I am writing in regards to a problem I am having with my 2010 BMW R1200GS. Have any of you experienced a high-mid frequency vibration isolated to the engine with a loss of power starting at 3700 up to 8000 RPM?

The base line is an engine that has the throttle bodies sync, valves adjusted and reprogrammed engine control unit by the dealer. This bike was very smooth through this revolution range up to the 24 K service. Now both hands and feet become numb due to the engine vibration that was not there prior to 24K. This bike did have a recall performed for the camshaft sensor reductor replacement.

The local dealers are stumped and their only answer is keep riding it and perhaps it will get better. I would appreciate any help/advice to get the bike to run as it use to prior to the 24K service.

Right now I have two options, ride it like it is or sell it!