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Thread: oil consumption 1998 k1200rs

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    oil consumption 1998 k1200rs

    Well I just returned from Salem (another good time ) and I'm looking for input. I have a 1998 k1200rs (purchased new ) with 95,000 miles. It used about 3/4 of a quart after a 1000 mile day of running hard. I have not taken a compression test yet ( that's why god created winters in Minnesota ) but was thinking of replacing the rings and valve seals. Parts are not cheap and I hate to get into it to the point of no return, I should mention that I use regular petroleum oil, tried synthetic which led to other problems. Has anyone done this and was it successful ? Not sure if I should entertain this idea or start looking for a new ride. Looking forward to hearing your comment and opinion.
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    My advice is to leave it be. Sounds like it's running well. Adding some oil once in a while, is way easier and cheaper than pouring [ so to speak ] time and $$$ into something that you will never get your money out of.
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    even with new engines, most manufacturers wouldn't even consider that amount as a warranty issue. Definitely not worth worrying about.
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    Per: - I'm adding year/model to your thread title. Please do this yourself in future posts. And I'd agree - it's a case of Leave Well Enough Alone (LWEA - used to have this in huge letters on my lab wall in Bell Labs..) If it was using a quart in 500 miles I'd be concerned. 3/4 quart in 1,000 "hard" day - not enough to worry about. While you mentioned you're using regular oil, you didn't mention what type/viscosity. If it's something like a 10W-30, this use wouldn't surprise me at all.

    BTW - also useful info - has this just started? Since you've owned it from new, how was consumption over your term of ownership?
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    Thanks to everyone for the response to my post. Since bike was new I've used 20w50 racing oil....did try synthetic but had some "seepage" issues as was advised to go back to petroleum base oil. Even when new, the bike would use about 5-6 ounces in one thousand miles...doesn't sound like much but this was my first BMW, had many Jap bikes, all brands and they never took oil. We owned a Kawasaki dealership for 12 years and we seen very few oil burners. My beemer friends told me " you have to feed the ponies " but I'd rather put it in the fuel tank. Again thanks to all that responded and hoping to hear more.

    P.S. don't tell my wife it's not real serious -- could be time to start the search for new bike -- now what to look for is another question!!
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