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Thread: where is the rally in 2014?

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    where is the rally in 2014?

    Just wondering. Oregon to far a trek for this one week of vacation Indiana boy. Where will the rally be for 2014?

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    Welcome to the forum! Likely these sorts of things have been discussed before...there is a thread further down the forum which addresses the issue:

    See you there!
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    found it!

    Thanks, 20774. I always thought it was announced on the Saturday night of the current rally. Anyway, Minneapolis, MN. is very doable from Mishawaka, Indiana. Will look forward to reuniting with some old friends in 2014! Now it's on with Summer! I'm riding to Sturgis Michigan Thursday.

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    Technically it is St Paul. They sometimes get a little snippy when ferners call the whole thing Minneapolis, though the Minneapolis folks couldn't care less about the east side of the Twin Cities.

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