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Thread: 74 R90/6 Ignition question(s)

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    Yeah, guys, let's get back to the OPs ignition questions. Thanks...
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    Thanks for all the non-windshield destroying suggestions.

    This weekend, i got the battery up to a good charge of like 13.5v and the sucker fires right up. I think my main problem was that i had run my battery down (trying to get it started when i didnt have gas... yeah, har har har) that it just didnt have the umph to fire it up.

    I rode around for an hour saturday and another hour yesterday and just kind of tried to keep my RPMs up above 3k to keep it charging and everything seems to be good now.

    I'm going to go over a lot of the comments here and just do a general run-through of the charging system to make sure stuff is working correctly, but it 'seems' to be working really good now.

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