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Thread: 1976 r75/6

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    1976 r75/6

    I thought I read somewhere that the use of hose clamps on the fuel connections was not recommended. I will be using non-ethanol gas and the rubber / cloth braid fuel line fits very snuggly over all connections. I also saw where several folks didn't like that fuel line but I already had it and the cross feed was already installed in the air box. If I run into problems, I'll just do it over. Any comments / confirmation on the hose clamps?



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    With the OEM-style fuel lines, hose clamps are not needed. That is the current setup on my /7...cloth fuel line with no clamps. That fuel line fits snugly. A tip that might be considered is to find a washer that will fit over the outlet stub of the petcock. Put this on first before you slip on the fuel line. This will give you something to pull on when it comes time to remove the fuel line.
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