I'm finally getting a chance to put some good miles on my 1997 R1100RT. I've only had this bike a few years but we only have two seasons here, Winter and Construction. The start up cycle of my ABS makes a distinct sound and it works very well. I probably will never put serious miles on a bike without ABS.

Last year I didn't notice it as I was a Sunday "going for a nasty dog" rider. I never had much of a chance to push the bike hard. This year, after about an hour of highway, I come to a stop and when I take off, it sounds like the ABS is doing a re-learn. I've checked for codes, none, and checked the rider's manual, no help.

My buddy with an 1997 R1100R and ABS didn't know about the initial start up noise and thought it was just "noise". My other buddy with a K75S and ABS I, doesn't notice any noise and his ABS works fine.

Do others with ABS II re-learn after a bit of a ride?