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Thread: Significant Rust under Red Fuel Filler on 2011 R1200R

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    Significant Rust under Red Fuel Filler on 2011 R1200R

    There's a well documented post on the site about rust underneath the red fuel filler neck assembly that sits in/on the tank. Rather than post my own photos I've included the link:

    This was easy enough to check on my 2011 R1200R with 5600 miles so I took a peak and sure enough, there's *significant* rust underneath the red gasket--much worse than the original post on the R1200R site and more like some of the other posters that responded to his post.

    Before I try to figure out how to remove this rust without the dust and flakes falling into the tank I'm wondering if this should be a warranty issue. I have about 6 months left on my the factory warranty.

    I'm going to get this fixed whether I do it myself or have the dealer do it under warranty but it needs to be done. Another year or without correcting it and I'll have big flakes of rust that could end up in the tank. My bike has always been garaged, rarely in the rain, and maybe washed 4 times in it's life.

    Pretty surprised that rust would accumulate in this location on a garage kept bike and that BMW left the metal exposed like this.

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    If I remember correctly, Austin has humidity from time to time. '11 model, could be close to three years since production date. If that is the case, we're talking a lot of time "just" sitting (2,000 miles a year average?) and moisture can and will accumulate in that humid climate. Tank always filled with stabilizer added?
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    Yes, sure, there's humidity here at times though we're in a 50-year drought. And, this isn't Louisiana or Florida. But humidity or not, BMW leaving this metal exposed is clearly an oversight. Searching the BMWMOA forums and several other sites shows lots of people discovering this (only when they know to check under the filler assembly). We're not talking superficial rust, either. Apparently BMW agrees because later models have the metal coated.

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    Can't see why you wouldn't chase the dealer for a warranty repair. They'll probably deny it as simply wear/tear but it's worth trying. I was lucky, I discovered soapy/wax in mine when I first took the filler out, and was able to clean it up and coat the surface (and add the rubber gasket around the edge of the filler cap..) I attribute my luck to never riding without a tank bag..
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