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Thread: Need some boots that add an inch or two to my height

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    Another option...

    These were recommended by some folks in a thred last year

    I have not purchased yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 36654 View Post
    You can also dance to the tune ......... "I'm a Lumberjack"
    Well, I guess if a guy wanted to......

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    Quote Originally Posted by piperjim View Post
    What Andy says!! 1+

    When I first went shopping for a bike I stopped at the local Harley shop. At just shy of 5'6", I asked the salesman if there was any rule of thumb for sizing bikes based on rider's height. He said, "If you can throw your leg over it, you can ride it!" He may have been exaggerating somewhat, but I ended up with an R1100RS with a stock seat. I can't flatfoot it on both sides, but it makes no difference. Ride it, practice it, work it, conquer it!!
    If this were Facebook, I would "like" this! Yes, I think practice and getting used to the bike is the best thing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_F View Post
    I once had about an inch and more added to my boots, and the above post is correct. I had quite a bit of difficulty shifting with a thick sole. Finally went back to the shoe repair shop and had the boots reduced to about 1/2" or so to the original sole. If you are only putting the left foot down, then you might work on getting comfortable using the ball of the left foot and then work on flat footing the bike with only the left foot. Believe me, you really don't want 1" to 2" added to the boots. Been there, done that and it only created shifting problems.
    Yes, I do usually stop putting only the left foot down. I have done that the entire time I've been riding. I like to have my right foot on the rear brake at lights or stop signs. I guess really just practicing and getting used to the new bike is really the best thing to do, although I did order a new pair of taller boots with a slightly thicker sole. I'll see how they feel and take it from there. Thanks!

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    I get to ride all the new BMWs when working at Nicks BMW as thier lead demo rider. The F800 is an easy flat foot bike for me with regular BMW style riding boots on. When I ride the R1200GS it certainly is taller, but I can still get my left foot flat to the ground at stops. Both feet is on the ball of my boots. Most often when i ride though, I can make complete stops with both feet on the pegs, and take off before I need to put any foot down. Again, that comes with training, practice and confidence.

    A G450X, or a R1200GS Adventure, THOSE are tall bikes, for which I take more care in planning my stops, searching just where/when/how my foot will go down so I can still get one foot flat to ground. But both feet down is getting close to the toes of my boots. But the emphasis really is in the searching/planning of where/when/how you plan your stop to mitigate any "reach" issues. When I move tall bikes around, same for heavy bikes, I'm off the bike and I rest the bike against my right hip to help stabilize the bike AND me.
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    here is exactly what your looking for:
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    I was in a traffic jam for several miles with about ten thousand other bikers on A1A in Daytona wearing a pair of those Vibram soled logging boots. Foot caught on peg, bike down with foot caught under it. Gal jumped off the back of a Harley and helped right my Japanese cruiser and get me unstuck. I just kept repeating none of these people know me, none of these people know me. I'll never see them again.

    I think I'd get a couple of used shock/springs and have the spring shortened until I had a reasonable riding height.
    Here it comes:
    shouldn't alter
    void warrenty
    affect handling
    yada, yada, yada.
    If you ever did anything to bottom out the lowered suspension I hope you will be wearing a good boxers mouthpiece or have a dentist in the family. I've come close and it hurts, believe me.

    It's dangerous now. It's going to fall over. Pick your poison.

    And even worse, while you're laying there in your Madonna boots with a broken leg you'll remember - That jerk told me this would happen.
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    About 1966, a sleepy Harley Davidson/Schwinn shop in Saint Joseph, Missouri (50 miles north of Kansas City).

    Rider, turned out to be a Brit, rides up on a Royal Enfield twin. He was short and the motorcycle was the tallest that anybody had ever seen. He rides parallel to the curb, stops with one foot on the sidewalk, dismounts and goes about his business like its the way everybody always does it. Love those stories (this one I know to be true). I just don't want to be this guy or the Rollie Free in the shower cap and speedo's doing it.

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    Flat footing is a dance we Hillbillys do and the only kind of flat footing I have ever been able to do. My short inseam and old age pretty much rules out the newer BMWs. My "cruiser" BMW may be my last.
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    These ought to work

    Good height on the heel and plenty of room for the calf. Fits all your requirements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 22600 View Post
    Good height on the heel and plenty of room for the calf. Fits all your requirements.

    I'll have two, please.

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