Me and two buddies are hauling our 1200gs' and a Suzuki 650 Adventure to Colorado the first of August. We were out there around 5 years ago and did some dual sport riding and had a blast. This time we are equipped with knobby tires which should make it a little easier.

We want to maximize our time since it is a 24 hour non stop drive from the beautiful flat lands around Memphis.

I would appreciate any trail maps and/or suggested routes that you can provide. We are pretty experienced dirt riders but considering we will be riding big and heavy bikes we probably don't want to do any extreme trails. The last time we were out there I tore the bash plate off my bike and smashed one of my exhaust headers almost flat, but we had fun and it was worth it

We are leaving Memphis on July 31st and plan on driving straight through.

Thanks for you help.