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Thread: Looking for Side Car Conversions in the Northeast

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    Looking for Side Car Conversions in the Northeast

    I have a friend in SW PA who has a side car and a K1200LT. He was wondering if there is anyone in the northeast/central US or southwestern Ontario that does side car conversions. He has the parts but needs someone with the expertise to put the two together.
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    Claude Stanley Motorsports

    in Middleburg, PA. High quality work.

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    Plus 100 on Claude. He's one of the top three gurus in North America, and will give sound advice without charging for his time. The majority of us who have picked his brain over the years have come back to have him do the work. The things he did to my Hannigan subframe transformed the way my rig handles...and because I'm now such a spirited hackster I've been going thru front tires like crazy!
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