Out riding about 80 kms when I couldn't get right turn signal to turn on. Once or twice it flashed on after turning and riding a few meters. Left was operating normally. Next ride turned on right signal and nothing happened. A few more meters further along and the right signal came on. It didn't flash it was solid like running lights. Couldn't turn them off using either cancel or left turn signal. Stopped bike and use kill button and turned off ignition but lights remained on.

I returned home. I could hear click when turn signals turned on or off with switches but no light. Only way to stop them was to pull the fuse. Since then any time fuse inserted right lights come on and burn steadily with ignition off. All other lights etc. work properly. Bike was outside during heavy rain in Toronto but covered. However, tool kit in compartment behind rear seat was wet. Can't figure out that one.

Beginning to think flasher relay died so I've ordered one. Any other ideas besides?