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Thread: Looking for an 86-87 R80

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    Looking for an 86-87 R80

    I know there are some owner of these sweet little machines on this forum.
    I'm looking for my second airhead, and I love the straight 86-87 r80s.
    Ideally as stock as possible, but well maintained, and lower mileage.
    Black color preferred, and I'm in CA so if you're close to me that would be ideal...but not at all necessary.

    So anyone willing to part with theirs? I'll take extremely good care of it

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    Chris -

    Generally, there's no soliciting from members on the forum...if you're looking for something, try the Flea Market that's at the top of the forum...I checked and you've already done that. Otherwise, people can provide you with the usual internet places to look for a bike - ebay, craigslist, IBMWR, etc.
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    Ok no problem sorry about that.

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