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Thread: How to get from Texas to Oregon in 10000+ miles

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    How to get from Texas to Oregon in 10000+ miles

    Leave South Texas (Mexican Border) June 12. Drive north for a day and turn right. You are now in Louisiana. Drive another day (east) to Georgia and hangout (freeload) with old army buddy for a couple of days. Turn left (north) and meet with Gypsy tour in Suches. Meet new friends and follow routes for next 2 days, rain and sunshine, to the Biltmore RAid. Hang out with more new friends for a couple of days riding local roads and GS track. Head north again, June 23, to the Mackinaw Bridge. Cross the steel bridge in the morning when it is wet from the night rain, concrete lane close for construction, turn left. Spot Bigfoot while driving south to Green Bay for fork seals, turn right. Keeping to the right, head for northern Minnesota to hangout, (freeload) for a few days. Get brother to weld broken parts on bike and go look at some used cars. Head north again, June 29, and turn left at Winnipeg. Drive a couple of days keeping to the right and end up in Dawson Creek. You are now at the beginning of the Alaskan Highway (ALCAN). Follow the ALCAN to Fairbanks. See moose, bear, goats, buffalo, deer, etc along the way. Either forget to take pictures when goat tries to hitch a ride or make sure the battery is dead on video camera when riding through buffalo herd. Rest in Fairbanks. Watch the ?hotshot? firefighters monitoring the burn around Fairbanks, get new rear tire and make a couple of day trips from Fairbanks. Get side-tracked heading for Circle, Alaska. Get wet and cold riding the Denali Highway. Start heading south July 7. Get wet and cold riding to Chicken, be thankful the rain stops before heading into construction on the way to Poker to cross into Canada. Ride the ?Top of the World Highway? to Dawson City. Stay on the Klondike Loop to Whitehorse. Eat too much at the ?Klondike Rib n Salmon? caf?. Take the Cassiar Highway south at Junction 37, just south of Watson Lake. Enjoy the scenery and ride until the rain and cold start again, Dease Lake. Keep riding south in the wet and cold until Princton, BC. On July 13th go south, in the sunshine, cross the border and drive across Washington to Idaho. Pass the Coulee dam on the way. Stop in Moscow, ID to write trip report and restock for GS Giant ride. 10,070 miles with 81 miles to the Idaho starting point.

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    So, how did that go?

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