I have an '01 1150GS with the large volume Adventure tank. The rider information display (RID) used to indicate the tank was low/empty at 250 miles. I concluded that the previous owner, who installed the Adventure tank, did not install the corresponding Adventure tank sending unit and left the original stock sending unit, hence the false-low fuel level reading. I expect with 8.7 gallons of fuel I ought to get 310 miles before my low fuel light would come on.

Last Fall the fuel sending unit started to malfunction so I replaced it with, what I thought was, the correct Adventure tank sending unit, only to find that the RID showed the fuel level low/empty at around 250 miles - just as it did prior to being replaced. So I got use to the false low fuel gauge reading and relied on my trip meter to indicate how much fuel I have left.

About a month ago, the fuel gauge started to go blank with a full tank of gas, then the fuel gauge bars would appear when I rode about 75 miles showing the tank as being full. I can now go 300 miles before the yellow low fuel light comes on.

My questions: Is there any adjustment on the RID to make it correspond to the type of fuel gauge sending unit?
Is the behavior with the RID going blank with a full tank of gas indicate a problem with the RID?
If you have a first generation 1150 GSA, at how many trip miles does the low fuel level light come on?
I assume the newly installed sending unit is functioning correctly and is not the problem.