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Thread: Bosch 4418 gap ?

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    Bosch 4418 gap ?

    Anyone know the correct gap for Bosch 4418 plugs ? 99RT. Thanks, Gregory

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    These platinum plugs are factory gapped and you should not attempt to change this.
    Kent Christensen
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    Don't bend them.

    BUT you might consider swapping left and right to even out the electrode erosion.

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    Yes some plugs tend to break very easily (damage at the center insulator) if one attempts to change the gap.
    But "gap spec" depends on the ignition system, not the manufacturer; though hopefully the manufacturer is aware of - and has designed for - a particular application.

    To actually answer the question, an 1100's gap should be at 0.031".

    If the little box has been handled poorly (or dropped), the outer electrode may be bent in too far - yes it needs fixin', just use caution. I seriously doubt any vendor would accept a return on any plug.

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